Partner Program

Omnego works with strategic business consultants, marketing agencies and industry-leading technology providers from around the globe to deliver the most advanced mobile engagement solutions to your clients. We work with you to support your end clients’ mobile channel strategies and ongoing initiatives but remain invisible to avoid channel conflicts. Omnego’s patented solution is cost effective for SMB and scalable for Fortune 500 companies.

We can help you deliver engagement apps combining Omnego's native app + wallet framework integrated with your client's mobile assets and back office systems. Here's how:

Technology Partners

Omnego works with Technology Partners having existing solutions and business systems that need to extend to the mobile channel:

  • Technology Partners include providers of Gift & Loyalty solutions, Loyalty/CRM, POS software, Direct marketing (SMS/Email) solutions, POS/ERP Solution Providers or other solutions providers that engage with an end consumer.
  • By integrating your specific functions to our white-label mobile app + wallet platform, Omnego extends your business to the consumer mobile channel.

Marketing Partners

For partners that provide strategic marketing services and execute customer acquisition/retention/re-engagement initiatives, Omnego supports these strategies using mobile apps:

  • Omnego provides a white-label app + wallet platform that reduces risk, cost and time-to-market for your clients.
  • Ideal partners include Loyalty marketers, Direct marketers, and Digital agencies.

Referral Partners

Omnego works with strategic business partners and consultants in various industries to provide a fast to market, flexible mobile app + wallet platform:

  • Omnego works with you to help shape the mobile strategy to drive instant business benefits for your end clients.
  • We provide ongoing maintenance and support letting you focus on your core business.