Omnego FAQs

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What should I do to jumpstart my business's mobile strategy?

  • An easy and inexpensive first step toward implementing a mobile strategy is to mobile-optimize those pages of your website that are relevant to the mobile consumer.
  • Next, you should provide consumers with a mobile application, or "app", that is available across all major smartphone families in order to create a simple, unified interface to your mobile-optimized website and drive consumers to it. Before doing this, you'll need to decide whether you want to utilize your own unique branded application or leverage a generic or "marketplace" app. The Omnego offering can accommodate either approach quickly and cost effectively.
  • You should upgrade your POS scanners to images scanners, if applicable.
  • Once these changes are implemented, you can leverage the mobile channel to deliver offers and/or other content to your customers' smartphones, and then measure results.
  • Such an approach will provide a valuable perspective on how the mobile channel might be leveraged to help drive your business.
  • To learn more, download our more detailed, "6 Steps to Mobile-Enable your Business".