Omnego FAQs

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How would my business utilize Omnego's solution to implement a Mobile Gift Card program?

  • The first step would be to utilize Omnego's web-based content management system (CMS) platform (it is white labeled) to configure the behavior that determines how your gift card program functions and what your mobile cards look like. Omnego's Platform accommodates rich graphics and industry standard file formats, which means that your mobile cards can reflect your branding and appear every bit as refined as your traditional plastic cards.
  • Once a gift card program is created, Omnego's CMS Platform can be used to issue cards directly to an Omnego powered mobile engagement app on consumers' smartphones.
  • By using Omnego's extensive library of back-end interfaces and APIs, the mobile gift card solution can be seamlessly integrated to your gift card processor, making it easy to issue mobile gift cards purchased by conventional means (such as via your website), or via batch, and to display real time balances to the mobile user.
  • Omnego's CMS platform can be used to integrate to your existing e-Gift card programs. Allow your customers to convert their e-Gift card to a mobile gift card with minimal integration.