Omnego FAQs

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When my business implements the Omnego solution, can it continue to leverage its mobile web assets?

  • The Omnego solution is designed to enhance, not replace, a business' mobile web assets.
  • The Omnego platform is a hybrid mobile solution which integrates the best design content and applications of mobile web, delivered to your customers' smartphone by a native branded mobile App.
  • The Omnego solution seamlessly integrates links to your mobile website via main menu functions, submenu functions, and links on cards, coupons, tickets or other issued content.
  • Over and above its own native functionality, the Omnego solution acts as a branded 'front-end' to your mobile website, broadening its reach into all the major app stores and extending its visibility toward a larger audience.
  • Simply put, the Omnego solution integrates your mobile website into a more comprehensive mobile solution, thus driving more convenient engagements and achieving greater results!