Omnego FAQs

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How can the Omnego solution improve my existing SMS marketing campaigns?

  • Most existing SMS marketing campaigns embed a URL into the text message that simply resolves to some mobile website content that must either be printed or shown to a cashier or attendant in order to be redeemed. Such content creates more work for consumers to organize, and the redemption process is clumsy, both for the consumer and the business. Thus, typical SMS campaigns are usually only marginally effective.  It's good at initial engagement, but more complicated for the consumer resulting in less effectiveness.
  • The Omnego solution allows a URL to be embedded into an SMS message (or into an email or social media for that matter) that, when invoked, downloads a rich-media coupon, offer, card or other item directly into an Omnego powered mobile App on the consumer's smartphone. If the consumer does not yet have the app installed on their smartphone, the installation happens automatically and seamlessly.
  • Once the consumer accepts the coupon, offer, card or item, it will be stored safely and conveniently in the mobile App on their smartphone, where it will always be available when the consumer needs it. It may be scannable, and may be configured as a single or multi-use item. It may be sharable with other consumers and may contain links to the business's mobile website. It may also have one or more banner ads or messages associated with it.
  • Essentially, once a consumer accepts a coupon, offer, card or item, a direct mobile marketing channel is established, providing tangible benefits to the issuing business over-and-above the obvious increase in program adoption afforded by the convenience and utility of the mobile App.
  • With the Omnego solution, SMS marketing campaigns will be more effective than you ever thought they could be.
  • The Omnego solution can also integrate and drive more effective results for your existing print, email, online and social media marketing campaigns.