Omnego FAQs

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What types of businesses can benefit from the Omnego offering?

  • The Omnego offering is ideal for Channel Partner businesses that provide services and products to clients that engage with consumers in a direct and physical way or online through the web. If these businesses wish to create a mobile solution for existing offerings, Omnego provides a quick and cost effective way to get to market.  These types of businesses include Direct Marketing, Loyalty Marketing, Travel Aggregators, Event Organizers, Mall Developers, Ticket Aggregators, Banking, Card Industry, Utility Companies and Telcos.
  • The Omnego offering is also an ideal solution for any business that wishes to sell to, market to, or otherwise engage with consumers via their smartphones. In particular, businesses that issue traditional Loyalty Cards, ID/Membership Cards, Gift Cards, Tickets, Passes, Coupons, Statements, invoices or receipts will find the Omnego offering to be the easiest, most cost effective way to extend their reach into the mobile channel.
  • Examples include Retailers, Quick Service and Fine Dining Restaurants, Hotels, Car Rental Companies, Airlines, Schools, Public Transit, Chambers of Commerce, Consumer Packaged Goods companies, Casinos, Sports and Entertainment Venues, Charities, Associations, and Governments.