Omnego FAQs

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How does Omnego's White-Label Mobile App Platform differ from competitors?

  • Omnego's platform leverages businesses' existing mobile web content and integrates it with your branded App along with marketing, loyalty and other engagement tools. The Omnego platform provides more tools to reach the mobile consumer.
  • Changes to mobile websites and content do not require issuing an updated App to your customers or to App Stores.  Changes are made dynamically, in real-time and autonomously.  This hybrid solution allows the business to control their IP and content to their customers at a low cost
  • Cards, Coupons/Offers and any other digital items are pushed OTA (Over-The-Air) to the branded mobile App and native to the smartphone without requiring connectivity.  Competitive solutions only allow the consumer to pull digital items.  The Omnego platform allows the business to interact with the consumer discreetly rather than waiting for the consumer to interact with the business.  Some competitors will use SMS or email to interact with consumers, which is invasive and disruptive to the consumer.
  • Omnego provides the most effective way to integrate social media programs and existing print, email, SMS and website marketing campaigns. Leveraging Omengo's patent pending QR Code and Smart URL technology, a business can easily move digital content from these mediums to their branded mobile App to give customers a more convenient and intimate engagement.
  • There are many more differences, so please contact us to find out more.