Omnego FAQs

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How does the Omnego mobile app platform compare to Apple Passbook, Google Wallet and others?

  • Omnego is the only white-label mobile app platform that allows dynamic mobile web content to be linked to a digital artifact in a branded mobile app. (Mobile cards, coupons, tickets, passes and more).
  • With Omnego’s white-label app platform, you can create your own branded version of Apple Passbook or Google Wallet but with more marketing and engagement features.
  • The mobile platform allows you to link your mobile web content to a digital card, ticket, boarding pass or coupon, making these digital artifacts intelligent and dynamic for brands and consumers. For example:

-  Deliver a mobile boarding pass and check the status of your flight
-  Look at a menu from the coupon that was issued
-  Or go directly to the brand’s mobile website to make a purchase

  • Brands can issue coupons, offers, contests, survey requests and more to your branded mobile app from:

-  Your Facebook page
-  Advertisement on Facebook or LinkedIn
-  Website
-  Print marketing pieces

This is one of the most powerful engagement and marketing features of the Omnego mobile platform

  • Complement the integration of your Mobile Cards, Tickets, Coupons and Passes with aggregator Apps like Google, Apple and others, but also have them available to your own customers in your own mobile app.
  • By using Omnego’s white-label mobile app platform and linking your own mobile web assets and application, you can implement the most advanced mobile engagement experience to your customers.