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Member App

Teachers are busy and mobile, so the Indiana State Teachers Association wanted a more convenient and efficient way to have 2-way communications with their members. The ISTA app platform integrates to the National level database (NEA) to manage digital membership cards and gives members a private in-box with access to a number of key features.

"Using the Omnego app platform, we can now communicate important issues quickly and clearly to our wide and diverse membership – public school educators and employees across the state. That speed and clarity of message have improved our communications program." ISTA

Omnego Features Used:

  • Digital membership cards
  • Real-time action alerts, with the ability to provide response
  • Issue voting, contests, offers, surveys, conference registration, event tickets and webinar notices
  • Learn about ISTA or NEA events with ability to do a mobile registration
  • Discover member benefit offers
  • Link to social media
  • Access to ISTA mobile website and other mobile web content