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Mobile Document, Statement and Mail App

Bell and Howell is a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for document, statement and mail sorting, management and processing in North America. They have added Omnego's mobile channel delivery to their eMessage IQ product suite to complement print and online channel communications.

Omnego Features Used:

BH white-label mobile mail app platform will deliver the following for statement mailers and their clients:

  • Mobile Statement and Bill summaries
  • Ability to provide in-app payment for mobile bills/statements
  • Integration of BH or client's Security system for registration and password authentication
  • Ability to link back to the detailed statement stored on BH or their client's repository
  • Delivers in-app promotions as you would otherwise typically see stuffed in an envelope or online banners
  • Promotions are integrated to the BH promotion engine
  • Display advertising
  • Integrates with and access to their clients' mobile web assets